The Developer Portal is your point of access to start using TK Elevator API solutions to connect your equipment to building management systems and other applications.

Our API technology gives you the power to access your equipment and all related data. To create a request, all you need is an API key from your subscription and a valid authentication token. This is used to identify your contract and to verify your right to access the device’s data.

Beyond that, the TK Elevator Developer Portal allows you to manage your subscriptions and provides you with helpful customer API and endpoint documentation. This includes an overview of the available and potentially required parameters as well as a list of response values and usage examples.

You can use the API documentation to obtain access tokens using your MAX Customer Services account. You can also test the API endpoints by making API requests directly from the Developer Portal.

Our Products

Add-on IoT

Manage your equipment and see realtime data. Works only with MAX packages.

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Add-on Service

Provision of service records and contracts. Works only with MAX packages.

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Work Order Management

Manage your service tickets.

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and more...

Touchless elevator calls and more products are going to be published.

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The Add-on IoT product allows you to request information from your accessible units.

For example, you can request the number of accessible units, details of a single unit or a set of unit information using the “Equipment” API. Please have a look at the online information to get details on the available filter- and paging operators.


"buildingAddress": "Main Street 1",
"city": "New York",
"buildingName": "MY BUILDING",
"branch": "1234",
"longitude": "43.123",
"latitude": "12.1234",
"nickname": "MY UNIT",
"unitId": "123456",
"tenantId": "US",
"status": "Operational",
"statusChangeTimestamp": "2019-11-08T23:24:12.123456Z",
"assetType": "Elevator",
"isMaxInstalled": true,
"maintenanceFrequencyPerYear": 12

Secure and reliable

All of our services require you to provide a valid authentication token signed for the MAX Customer API. This token is used to identify the customer and therefore the accessible set of units. In order to achieve this, you can use the built-in OAuth2 Identity Services (implicit flow) or acquire a token within your daemon application programatatically by using the OAuth 2 Resource Owner Password Credentials flow and the corresponding ROPC Proxy authentication application.

Are you developing a customer facing application? Please get in contact with us to request a dedicated application id. Therefore, you can make use of the implicit flow in your application and do not need to collect security critical information within your frontend.

  • Implicit Flow for testing and developing against the APIs from the Developer Portal

  • Implicit Flow with a dedicated application identifier from customer facing applications

  • ROPC for Backend Daemons

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